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Awakening by Skylen2012 Awakening :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 0
A noble beast crawls its way up the ledge. Driven by its resolute determination and will-power, claws scraps stone as he ascends over the edge and onto a brittle perch.  The creature -- there's courtesy in his eyes and a storm in his heart -- grips himself to the rock on which he stands.  Scales flatten and his head curves back; he gazes toward the sky with an unforgettable expression passion expressing his face as it courses through him.  He raises his wings holding this stance, and he pauses.  The flames rise in this moment, and just before he is burned, the dragon roars and sets off a-flight into the sunset kingdom, a freedom in his will.  Swift and tranquil are the movements in which he flies.  He never soars for dispute, trail or resentment;  instead he is fervent in his ways of life's travel, and this gives him passage through the heights of a brightness that gleams upon every surface in its direction.  He repeats his cry, the sound proudly
:iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 0 0
Stitch It Together
For the last time I hesitated to say this, I'll have to strike a match now.  It could be enough to say that your will to believe that it is possible to see things happen between a connection that simmered and refired itself, and I wish I could witness some of it again, but who can?  The future reels overhead and underfoot, and tomorrow isn't a blessing, its a chance.  I have thought about what could have happened to the point where my house of cards fell, breaking down piece by piece and they obstruct by damage.  I once found something that I've been looking to find for so long.  You can't wrap it up, look at it, or even feel its texture, but you can be it: happiness, and for whatever reason, that is long gone.
:iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 0 0
The pitched circle that is poverty
The black street shining
Some kind of hope
From its yellow gleam
Yeah, I've been there
I've gone to dangerous ends
To prove myself
Until my face was wiped
Of all the pleasant memories
I had before
Until the moral of the glare
In my eyes
Has breathed
Nothing but
:iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 0
Forever, my friend. by Skylen2012 Forever, my friend. :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 0 Derek Dossa and Amanda Melton by Skylen2012 Derek Dossa and Amanda Melton :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 0 17 by Skylen2012 17 :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 0 Trust me, I am NOT beautiful by Skylen2012 Trust me, I am NOT beautiful :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 0 1 Eeveelution Wolves - Eevee by Skylen2012 Eeveelution Wolves - Eevee :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 10 My Wolf Form by Skylen2012 My Wolf Form :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 0 0 The Darkest Side of Me by Skylen2012 The Darkest Side of Me :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 3 2 Heaven and HELL by Skylen2012 Heaven and HELL :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 1 1 Heaven by Skylen2012 Heaven :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 3 0 Hell by Skylen2012 Hell :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 3 0 Thunder and Lightning by Skylen2012 Thunder and Lightning :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 0 0 Wood and Earth by Skylen2012 Wood and Earth :iconskylen2012:Skylen2012 0 0


#??? - Xerneas by catandcrown #??? - Xerneas :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 6,878 454 Scene Bean by silhouette5 Scene Bean :iconsilhouette5:silhouette5 464 190
Alone At Night
I lay alone at night
My mind thinks only of you
I stare up at the cracks in my celing
Wishing for this to be through
It's hard to describe what I'm feeling
I guess you could say I'm lonely
I'm not quite sure what to call it
But what I'm feeling isn't phoney
I feel the distance between us
And it breaks my heart every time
I'm not trying to make a fuss
It's not like you committed a crime
I tell you that I love you
You tell me that I'm too kind
There's something that's long overdue
But it's something I can't seem to find
I suppose I'll always wonder
If you ever think of me
For fear of striking my heart with thunder
I think I'll just wait and see
I never thought I'd be a fool for love
But Cupid's arrow has done it again
Sometimes I want to slap him with a glove
Because of what can never begin
:iconjunkie4janet:Junkie4Janet 23 2
the sun light went out
when he broke my heart
it sat there before me
as the moon fell apart
in his pocket of beauty
yet nothing could dent my joy
loving him was my duty
such an unworthy boy
:iconme2smart4u:Me2Smart4U 9 0
Not Today
The second I step out of bed
I want to drown these thoughts
Fingers stumble frantically on the dresser
Till they close on salvation
Don't bother to untangle the headphones
Just put them on and turn it up
The baseline drowns the pounding
Screams cover the ones echoing in my head
My internal screams cry for the blade
"Just a few drags." They say,
But I'll fight to believe myself
When I say "Not today."
:iconkml91225:kml91225 21 11
For once Ill admit I was wrong
You constantly save me from my troubles, even though I've always claimed
that I need no saviour to burst nightly bubbles. So my cheeks blushed quietly pink-ashamed
when you confessed how I spent several evenings screaming – brain wrecked with cider, mind on standby.
(I guess my common sense was dreaming as I shouted at you and some passers-by.)
I never recalled my heresy in the morning, nor how you lip-bitingly stuck by my angry side,
so when you told me it finally started to dawn how much I need my unsung hero of the night.
:iconeffortlessness:effortlessness 10 0
A Perished Love.
If love was exchangable,
I would do so with your love
in a second without
h   e   s   i   t   a   t   i   o   n   .
Who would want such a
false sense of admiration,
with each
you breathe into my ears.
But now I wonder,
can you love, do you have it
inside of you to do so?
Or maybe your heart
has shriveled and perished
into oblivion, 
Never to be touched by
any soul again.
Perhaps it is isolation
you seek since you are
So high up
in your kingdom.
Then it shall be
s o l i t u d e
that befriends you
in this god forsaken world.
For I have given up
on this love
that perhaps never was
or ever happened.
:iconmaskqueraide:maskqueraide 1,867 228
I like you by shimahi I like you :iconshimahi:shimahi 204 30 Bravairy by BlackReshiram101 Bravairy :iconblackreshiram101:BlackReshiram101 12 4 emo smile by KleptoCorpse emo smile :iconkleptocorpse:KleptoCorpse 338 446
Insanity is all around me,
just like in wonderland,
as I wake up from reality to this nightmare that will never end.
I'm lost in this illusion named master plan,
there is nothing but insanity of wonderland.
Stuck into my own fantasy,
while poison is slowly spreading through my veins,
taking my life away bit by bit,
exterminating my mind day by day.
Bringing out my name, being and age,
poison is still killing me inside out.
Calling my shadows all alone in this wonderland till the day I die.
Like a wicked scarecrow howling in the dark,
inside this nightmare that will never end.
Never giving it a second thought.
Will you be there in the middle of this darkness?
In the end will you hold my hand?
and want to know about my heart of wonderland?
If I could brake free,
I would be just another ordinary man.
Trusting only pain in myself,
to keep me straight and on the track,
to keep walking forward.
Even if no one care,
I'll copy myself to another version so I wont be all alone anymore.
:iconpyrogoth85:Pyrogoth85 4 4
Spring Song by galitb Spring Song :icongalitb:galitb 771 70 Spirit of spring by WolfRoad Spirit of spring :iconwolfroad:WolfRoad 541 26 Night witch by WolfRoad Night witch :iconwolfroad:WolfRoad 304 17



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